3 Reasons Your Aircon Smells Bad

Stepping into the cool and comforting air conditioning of your home after braving the blistering heat can be a euphoric experience. However, this blissful sensation can be ruined by an unpleasant stench wafting from your air conditioning unit. Though this is a common occurrence, this unpleasant odour could be an indication that your air conditioner is malfunctioning.

It is important not to overlook these unwanted smells emanating from your air conditioner and to promptly identify the source of the issue to preserve both your levels of comfort and health of your air conditioning. Coldway Aircon is an established aircon servicing company in Singapore, and we explore several reasons for why your aircon could be smelling bad.

Dust, mould and mildew

Dust mould and mildew-aircon cleaning

If you notice a mouldy odour wafting from your air conditioner, it's highly likely that mildew and mould have taken root near or within your aircon unit. This is because the primary function of air conditioning is to eliminate excess moisture from your home and cool it down. However, when moisture is not properly drained, it creates the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew to thrive in damp areas. 

Furthermore, dirty filters can release the scent of mildew, exacerbating the issue. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that many homeowners face. The best course of action is to seek assistance from an aircon servicing company. With a technician's help, the foul odour can be quickly eliminated, and the air quality of your home can significantly improve.

Overheating parts

Air conditioning units are particularly susceptible to overheating due to their complex nature. The cooling process involves a series of components, such as the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, that must all function harmoniously to achieve optimal performance. However, if any one of these parts malfunctions or operates at a higher temperature than it should, it can lead to overheating. Some common indications of overheating include unusual noises, strong smells, and a lack of cool air. Overheating can cause damage to various parts of the air conditioning unit and can even cause a complete system breakdown if left unchecked. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the signs of overheating and to seek professional assistance promptly to avoid costly repairs or replacements. 

Leaking gas

professional air conditioner maintenance-aircon servicing singapore

Air conditioning gas leaks can bring about a range of issues, including unpleasant odours. This is because refrigerant gases have a distinctive chemical odour, which can become more apparent when they leak from the air conditioning unit. The odour that emanates can be a sign that there is a leak and that refrigerant gases are escaping into the air. These gases can be harmful to human health and can cause respiratory problems, throat irritation, and other health issues. If you notice any unusual odours coming from your air conditioning unit, it is essential to engage a professional for aircon servicing promptly to identify and address the problem before it worsens. 

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Eliminating undesired smells from your aircon unit does not have to be a complicated process. Keep these signs in mind to ensure your home environment is kept as healthy as possible, preventing bad odours circulating indoors, and enhancing the air quality of your home.

Searching for a reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore? Coldway Aircon provides a range of services from aircon cleaning to aircon chemical wash - get in touch with our team of professional aircon technicians to learn more about which suits your needs best!

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