4 Reasons Why Your Aircon Is Tripping The Circuit Breaker

Have you noticed your air conditioner tripping the circuit breaker and shutting off abruptly even after a couple of resets? The fact is, a circuit breaker is your home’s guard against current overloads that might lead to potential risks such as fire. But what are the reasons that are causing the trip? Coldway Aircon is a leader in aircon servicing and repairs in Singapore, and in this article, we discuss the possible causes for why this happens and what you can do to fix it. Read on to learn more!

Dirty aircon filters

Dirty aircon filters-aircon servicing singapore

One of the reasons that air conditioners trip circuit breakers is due to a clogged air filter. The air filters are designed to remove dirt and debris from the air that is being cooled, and if clogged, can cause the air conditioner to use more electricity than it should. Inefficient aircon systems that work extra hard to offer the ideal temperatures can result in the circuit breaker tripping. To avoid this problem, a simple solution would be proper aircon servicing and regularly cleaning or replacing the air filter to ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently.

The compressor is acting up

Another reason that air conditioners trip circuit breakers is due to a problem with the air conditioner's compressor. A compressor is the main component of an air conditioning system responsible for circulating refrigerant. If not working properly,  the air conditioner uses more electricity than it should and can cause the circuit breaker to trip. If you suspect that the compressor is the problem, don’t hesitate to call in a reliable aircon servicing company for repairs.

The external unit is dirty

Air conditioning systems are made up of units on both the inside and outside that work together to produce cold air. The external unit is called a condenser unit, designed to exchange heat by converting refrigerant gas to liquid, then dispersing hot air to the outside. If the aircon condenser is not properly maintained, dirt and debris may accumulate, acting as an insulator to trap heat. As the job of the condenser is to expel heat, a dirty condenser will have to draw in more electricity and work harder to expel the heat through the insulator created by the dirt, resulting in a tripped circuit breaker. To resolve this, it is advisable to get your condenser checked by a professional and conduct a thorough cleaning job as soon as possible.

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Wear and tear

Wear and tear-aircon servicing singapore

Air conditioners can trip circuit breakers due to age and wear. Over time, the electrical components of an air conditioner can become worn and damaged, causing the circuit breaker to trip. If you suspect that your air conditioner is getting worn out, you should engage an experienced aircon technician to inspect it and recommend necessary aircon repairs.

There are several reasons why air conditioners trip circuit breakers, but with proper and regular maintenance done, most of these issues can be detected and avoided. If you’re unsure of what is causing the problem, it's best to have the issue diagnosed early.

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