4 Signs Your Aircon Needs Servicing
Regular aircon servicing is crucial in ensuring your air conditioning unit’s efficiency is running near maximum.

Regular aircon servicing is crucial in ensuring your air conditioning unit’s efficiency is running near maximum. However, there are instances in which your aircon may require servicing before the next scheduled maintenance. With our year round summery weather in Singapore, you’ll want to make sure your air conditioner is prepared to keep you comfortably cool whenever needed. But how should you determine if the system truly requires professional help? Coldway Aircon is a leading provider of aircon servicing in Singapore, and we’ve put together these tell-tale signs that you might need to provide your air conditioning unit with some care and maintenance.


Increase in temperature

Negative effects of not repairing aircon

One of the most obvious signs that your air conditioner requires servicing is if it’s blowing out hot air, or if the air coming out of the vents is not as cool as it used to be. Despite colder temperature settings, an air conditioner that is blowing out cold air even at maximum settings could indicate an issue with the compressor or low refrigerant levels.


Bad smells


Contact your aircon service provider immediately if bad smells are detected from the air of your air conditioner. Bad smells occurring in the air of your cooling system can be due to various reasons including inability to keep airborne allergens out through the filters, growth of microbes such as mould on the unit, or leakage of refrigerant. It is vital that a professional diagnoses this problem promptly as this can cause you and your loved ones to be more susceptible to falling sick.


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You hear noises emitting from the aircon


If you notice some squealing, grating, or grinding noises emitting from your air conditioner, it’s usually an indication that you should immediately arrange for servicing. These noises tend to imply a more deep-rooted and unseen problem on the inside. At times, it could be due to a single belt that has managed to slip out of place, or an equipment piece needs more lubrication. In rare cases, it could even mean that the bearing of your motor has been damaged and is in need of aircon repairs. Prevent the problem from escalating further by engaging a reliable aircon servicing company as soon as possible.


Limited airflow

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When the volume of air that exits the vent of your air conditioning system is low, the unit’s compressor is often the root of the problem. This is different from the air conditioner blowing out warm air; cool air will still be felt from the aircon. However, the force of the air itself will be weak, hence it may not travel far. As a result, the area in front of your air conditioner may feel cool enough, but anywhere else in the room will feel warm. One of the reasons behind this issue is a residue-ridden air conditioner. The dirtier your air filters, vents, or grilles are, the weaker its airflow will be.


We hope this article has been useful in identifying the signs your aircon unit requires servicing. If you find yourself experiencing any of these issues, get in touch with a reliable aircon servicing company to prevent more serious problems from occurring.


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