A Complete Guide To Aircon Servicing
The warm weather in Singapore often calls for the frequent use of air conditioners throughout the day.

The warm weather in Singapore often calls for the frequent use of air conditioners throughout the day. When we’re outdoors, we are constantly on the search for indoor air-conditioned spaces, and when indoors, the air conditioner is usually turned on to cool the room, keeping us comfortable.


That said, sometimes we forget that our air conditioning units need proper care and maintenance too. Just like any other home appliance, it’s only normal for your air conditioning unit to experience some wear and tear with time from regular usage. Keeping your aircon up and running smoothly requires proper attention given to its maintenance. Regular aircon servicing can also save you money and headaches from unexpected breakdowns. If you’re looking at keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, then ensuring its longevity is a must. Coldway Aircon is a leading provider of general aircon servicing in Singapore, and this article touches on all you need to know about aircon maintenance, and what you can do to keep your air conditioner in the best working condition.


How do air conditioners work?


Air conditioners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all operate on the same basic principle. An air conditioner produces cold air within an enclosed space by removing heat and humidity to help maintain optimum temperature levels. Often, most are under the impression that air conditioning works by creating cold air. However, this isn’t entirely the case. In this section, we dive into the specifics, so you can understand how your air conditioner really works.


Workings of an air conditioning system


Aircon units work by removing the warm air from inside your home or an enclosed space by pumping it outside, while releasing cool air back into the room and reducing the temperature.


Here’s a look at the process:

  • The warm air from the room is drawn into the system.
  • This air then flows over the cold evaporator pipes, which cools the air down while a dehumidifier removes excess moisture.
  • The coolant flowing through the chiller pipes absorbs the heat from the air going past and evaporates, turning from a cool liquid to a warm gas.
  • The warm gas is pumped outside while the coolant flows through a compressor unit and a condenser, which turns it back into a cool liquid.

Myths about air conditioners and aircon servicing

Myths about air conditioners and aircon servicing in Singapore

With the constant demand for cooling needs in Singapore, there are many myths with regards to aircon servicing. These myths can lead to a misunderstanding of how an air conditioner works, as well as what should be expected during the maintenance of your air conditioner. We debunk some of the commonly heard ones to help you with making the right decision, and ensuring the longevity of your aircon units.


Myth #1: The air conditioner can be installed in any location


Be cautious when selecting a location to install your air conditioner as choosing a less ideal place could increase the time needed to cool the room, in addition to increasing your electricity bills at the same time. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a location for your air conditioner. For instance, you should install your air conditioner away from areas with direct sunlight, and avoid placing the aircon unit near an electric light, TV, or other heat transmitting devices. This is to prevent an increase in power consumption and decreased efficiency. We recommend seeking the expertise of an aircon servicing professional to help with finding the best location for your air conditioner.


Myth #2: Using a fan can speed up the cooling process


An air conditioner is equipped with the best way to circulate air within any room. Using a fan over it will hinder the working process of the air conditioner and result in increased energy bills. Some might choose to place a fan near the air conditioner in order to keep the ‘air’ flowing. This, in actual fact, does nothing to help the conditions within the house.


Myth #3: Buying an energy saving unit will be sufficient to reduce power consumption


There’s no doubt that energy saving devices can help bring down the cost of electricity bills. However, that applies only if the aircon unit has been regularly serviced and maintained. An air conditioner clogged with dust and dirt can still increase the power consumption of your air conditioner considerably. Therefore, it is of importance to regularly engage a professional for aircon cleaning and servicing.


Myth #4: If the aircon unit is working, it does not requiring servicing


Oftentimes, there could be minor issues affecting the performance of the unit that can easily go unnoticed. There are many instances when the system might have an underlying problem which could worsen if not attended to in time. Hence, it is crucial to have the system checked on a regular basis in order to eradicate problems that could potentially become bigger than anticipated.


Myth #5: Filters do not need to be replaced


The air filters in an air conditioner act as a sieve that lets air through, whilst trapping dirt and dust particles. As an air filter accumulates dirt, the aircon unit will be required to work harder to draw in clean air and keep your house cool. Air filters should be immediately changed upon realising the unit is no longer at its peak performance. This can be done every month or two for enhanced capabilities of your air conditioner.


Myth #6: Air conditioners are bad for health


People used to believe that being exposed to air conditioning can cause one to catch a cold, but the fact of the matter is that colds are in fact caused by viruses. That said, accumulation of dust or mould in filters and vents can trigger allergic symptoms. This can be avoided with routine aircon general servicing as recommended.


Benefits of aircon servicing

Benefits of aircon servicing in Singapore

Majority of buildings, homes, and offices in Singapore rely on air conditioning to tackle the hot and humid climate of the country. But did you know that proactively taking care of your air conditioner not only extends the life of your unit, it can also save you a substantial amount of money on repair and replacement costs? This portion of the article takes a look at the benefits that regular aircon servicing can provide you with in the long run.


Saves you money


The cost of aircon repairs tend to depend on the extent of the damage involved. Regular checks by a professional aircon servicing company can help prevent severe damages and even detect problems early before they occur. This helps to reduce the need for costly repairs and part replacements, saving you unnecessary stress and costs. Additionally, having a regular schedule for maintenance will allow your air conditioner to work efficiently at all times with the reduced effects of wear and tear.


Better efficiency


Regular aircon cleaning safeguards your air filters from becoming clogged, negatively influencing the efficiency of your system by obstructing air flow and increasing the energy consumption. Look for a reliable provider of aircon general servicing to maintain the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. This works in line with reducing energy bills as routine aircon servicing ensures your air conditioner operates in tip top condition, along with leaving less carbon footprint on the environment.


Better air quality


Aircon maintenance reduces internal deficiencies caused by a build-up of dust and debris, providing a sense of assurance that you’re breathing in cleaner air. This creates a healthy and safe indoor environment, which is especially vital for households with family members who suffer from asthma or allergies.


If there are doubts as to whether your aircon filters are working effectively, simply open up the front panel of your air conditioner and take a look at the filter. Unless it’s brand new or has been cleaned very recently, you’ll likely see plenty of dust built up in the filter. The more dust that accumulates, the less effective your filter will be at purifying the air that passes through it.


Eliminates foul odours


Wondering why your aircon seems to be releasing a foul odour? An accumulation of mould, germs, or even other organisms could be the cause of this. Take swift action to get rid of the dirt and stench by calling in the professionals and arranging for an aircon chemical wash.


How often should I service my aircon?

How often should I service my aircon

Despite the fact that they are used on a daily basis, our air conditioning units are often neglected. Frequent use of air conditioners can be prone to breakdowns and cost a hefty sum if not well maintained. How often then, should we be servicing the air conditioners that keeps us cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat of Singapore? Learn more about the recommended duration between each maintenance session depending on how your air conditioner is used.


Rare users of air conditioners


Are you able to fall asleep without the use of an air conditioner? Are you the kind who rarely reaches for the aircon remote, only turning the aircon on once in a while? If you’re the type of person who relies primarily on the fan rather than the air conditioner, then chances are you will only have to get your aircon serviced once a year.


Many people in this category often choose to skimp on aircon maintenance due to the belief that the aircon unit will remain in good working condition the next time they turn it on. However, pests such as cockroaches and ants can live in your aircon if unused for a long period of time. Therefore, it is recommended that aircon general servicing is conducted to ensure that there are no creepy crawlies breeding in your air conditioner, on top of making sure that everything is working in good condition.


Occasional users of air conditioners


Do you occasionally turn on the aircon when it gets too hot during the day, but wouldn't consider yourself overly reliant on it? If you’re not one to use your air conditioner for long periods of time on a daily basis, or find yourself only using it a few times per week, then you would be classified as an occasional user. We recommend getting your aircon serviced once every six months to ensure that it is clean and operating well at any time.


Frequent users of air conditioners


If you can’t live without air conditioning and find day-to-day activities are simply unbearable without it, you fall into the category of frequent users. Frequent users of air conditioners should service their aircon units at least once every two to three months. This also includes cleaning your filters on your own at least once a month to maintain your aircon’s efficiency.


Types of aircon services

Types of aircon services in Singapore

When an issue occurs with our air conditioners, we know to engage a professional to come address it. Unsure of which type of aircon servicing to request for? In this section, learn more about the different kinds of aircon services available and how you can determine which one to book for your needs.


Regular aircon servicing


Aircon general servicing is the most basic among all the different types of aircon services. That said, it shouldn't be overlooked because when done regularly, it can save you both money and effort in the long term. This process usually includes a simple cleaning and inspection to be sure that your air conditioner is functioning properly.


Chemical wash


Aircon chemical cleaning is essentially a more thorough version of aircon general servicing. An aircon chemical wash involves using a chemical-based solution to thoroughly clean the basic components of your aircon such as air filters, fans, and cooling coil. This helps to prevent the growth of substances such as mould, which could have detrimental effects on your health. We advise doing a chemical wash once a year for frequent users of air conditioners. Reach out to an aircon specialist you can trust to require about aircon chemical wash prices beforehand.


Learn more: Does Your Aircon Require Chemical Cleaning


Check refrigerant levels


The refrigerant levels in your aircon are a chemical that absorbs heat from the indoor air, and goes through a process to produce cold air that is circulated throughout the room. If you find that your aircon isn’t cooling the room well enough, you might need to have your refrigerant levels checked. Professional aircon technicians will be able to best advise on whether your aircon simply requires a refrigerant top-up, or if the issue is one that needs aircon servicing.


How to choose the right aircon servicing company

How to choose the right aircon servicing company in Singapore

The breakdown of an air conditioner in the hot and humid months of Singapore’s warm and tropical climate can be an unpleasant experience. For this reason, it is vital to engage the right aircon service provider that ensures your air conditioner works properly throughout the year. But with so many aircon servicing companies in the market, it can be difficult and challenging to find a reliable company that’s right for your needs. To do so, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind - we share some key factors to consider when selecting the right aircon servicing company.


Choose a company with years of experience


A company that has been in business for some time will have acquired the adequate expertise to provide efficient air-conditioning services. You may consider hiring an aircon servicing company with extensive experience when deciding which one to hire.


Browse through the official website of the aircon service provider to gain insight into their experiences throughout the years, or ask about how long they have been in the business. Doing so increases the odds of receiving stellar service and on-time completion of the job. With an abundance of experience, they will also likely have both the technical expertise and the knowledge needed to deal with various issues.


Types of services provided


Aircon servicing companies provide different types of services. As such, you need to know the type that is needed before engaging an aircon service provider. For instance, go with an aircon company that provides preventative and on-demand maintenance if you’re looking for a company to help you maintain your air conditioner. Compare the services provided by different aircon companies, then choose a company that provides the services best suited for your needs.


Qualified technicians


Air conditioners come with complex mechanisms, and a minor wiring mistake or fitting could result in a costly air conditioner failure. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding qualifications of the aircon service personnel in a company. Find out if technical staff conducting the aircon services have gone through proper training. This also guarantees you that you are dealing with professionals who have you in their best interests.


Are they licensed


In the process of selecting the right air conditioning service company, you should make sure that the service providers you hire hold valid licences from relevant government agencies. Professional aircon servicing companies are provided with an operational licence after meeting all the requirements and passing a standards test. This licence indicates commitment, quality work, and dedication to service and maintenance procedures. Choose a certified company for aircon repairs or installation to be assured that the technicians have the right certifications.


Look through reviews and ask for recommendations


Doing some research on how trustworthy a company is before making any dealings is probably the best move you can make. The internet is always a great place to start when seeking the information you require. For more information regarding the company, take some time out to read and look through reviews and testimonials from past customers. A reliable and reputable aircon servicing company will easily have many creditable service reviews indicating that they provide quality service.


Alternatively, you may ask for recommendations from family, friends, or even neighbours. Selecting an aircon company from trusted referrals will likely lead to a more satisfactory experience. The notion of affordable, high-quality services may differ from yours, but their suggestions could provide you with at least a good starting point.


Reasonable pricing


Reasonable pricing is a critical factor when choosing an aircon service provider. As a consumer, you should compare prices and have a good understanding of what you are getting in return. Be wary of aircon service companies that offer rates that are too good to be true as charges will usually be incurred in other areas which are not within market practice. A reliable company would be offering quality services at a reasonable price.


Questions you may have


We conclude this guide with some questions you might have surrounding aircon servicing.


Can I clean my aircon on my own?


It is possible to clean the fan coil cover and wash the air filter by yourself. However, we advise engaging qualified service technicians to do so as they are equipped with the proper tools for servicing, on top of providing your aircon with regular maintenance of safety circuits, refrigerant pressure, and also vacuuming of the drainage pipe.


Why is water leaking from the aircon unit?


In most cases, leaking water indicates that your aircon requires professional cleaning. This usually involves vacuuming the drain pipe which may rectify the pipe chokage.


Why is the aircon running but not cooling the room well enough?


This could be due to several reasons - one is that the refrigerant is leaking or insufficient. The other is that the indoor unit requires either a thorough aircon servicing or chemical overhaul, or that the outdoor unit needs a check and servicing.


How long can an air conditioner last?


You can expect air conditioners from top brands to last for up to 10 years, especially with regular maintenance.




When issues arise with your air conditioning system, you want to engage the services of a competent aircon servicing company that offers prompt professional solutions. We hope this guide has provided you with the knowledge to select the best aircon servicing for your every need.


Searching for a reliable aircon servicing provider? Look no further than Coldway Aircon. Our team of technical service personnel are highly trained and are constantly keeping abreast of the latest technological developments in aircon servicing and maintenance for both residential, and commercial properties. Reach out to the dedicated team at Coldway Aircon today for more information!


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