Aircon Chemical Cleaning and Overhaul

Why do we need aircon chemical cleaning? Air conditioners must be serviced on a regular basis to guarantee that it can last for years. While basic cleaning of your air conditioner is a smart way to keep it in good working order, it may not be enough in the long run.

Regular maintenance may assist to remove dirt from your air conditioner, but it may not be as efficient in removing the dirt buildup that has gathered and lodged in your condenser, filter, and evaporator coil. Furthermore, incorrect cleaning techniques may result in serious damage to internal components. This is when an air conditioner chemical cleaning or overhaul is required.

Aircon chemical cleaning is a vital procedure. Regular cleaning may contribute in the removal of some undesirable particles particularly on the aircon’s filters. Even so, the components have a lot of harmful biofilms that have collected over time along the condenser coils.

This biofilm is difficult to remove and can corrode and harm internal components of your air conditioner, reducing its efficacy and performance. Thus , aircon chemical cleaning at least once every six months is recommended. Professionals may recommend an aircon chemical overhaul for your air conditioner if the chemical cleaning is insufficient to fully clean the system.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

9K – 15K BTU

Aircon Chemical Overhaul is a deep cleaning service, which involves dismantling the entire aircon unit, cleaning the various aircon parts with chemicals, and flushing the entire unit with safe formulated chemicals to ensure any dust & dirt that is trapped within the aircon system is being flushed. Aircon chemical overhaul will help to restore and improve the air conditioning unit’s performance.

Lubricates fan bearings to make sure the unit operates quietly without producing any noise
Checks thermostats and controls of the unit
Cleans pipes, blower wheel and drain pans with appropriate chemicals
Cleans fan evaporator coil to facilitate smooth transfer of heat without the build up of dust and grime
Replaces faulty bearings and eliminates operational noise

Our Rates for Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Coldway is dedicated to making our services as affordable as possible without compromising on the quality. We understand that while aircon chemical overhaul is a necessity to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner, some homeowners tend to avoid booking the service due to exorbitant rates. For this reason, we are offering discounted prices to make aircon chemical cleaning more affordable for you. Below are our rates for aircon chemical overhaul with ballooning discounts for bulk requests. This way, you can now have all your air conditioning units cleaned without worrying about your invoice taking a toll on your budget.

1 Unit $150
2 Units $280
3 Units $390
4 Units $480
5 Units $600
6 Units $720

$40 Transport and Troubleshooting Fee will be Waived Off if repair is required. The only costs incurred are the Aircon Components and Service Charge.

Our Servicing Process

Aircon chemical overhaul is necessary to deep clean the innermost parts of your air conditioning unit. This form of aircon chemical cleaning dismantles the unit and thus, requires skills and experience. Here at Coldway, our technicians and cleaning specialists follow a standard procedure when doing this cleaning method. Below are the steps we follow when conducting chemical overhaul.

Disassebling of air conditioner as part of aircon chemical cleaning

Disassemble the entire air conditioner unit

Chemical cleaning of various air conditioner components and flushing the entire unit with a safe chemical formulation to ensure dust and grime are flushed away from the air conditioner system.

Drainage system vacuuming

Some parts of your air conditioner system are not easy to clean, wastewater and substances are accumulated in drainage pipe, vacuuming the drainage pipe to clear any blockages and clogs.

drainage system vacuuming
Lubricates fan bearings aircon chemical cleaning process
Process of installation of new airconditioner

Lubricates fan bearings

Once the aircon chemical cleaning is done, it is time to lubricate fan bearings for smooth function and quiet operation without any noise. Applying an adequate amount of oil to the bearings is a crucial step for effective aircon chemical overhaul.

Dry the entire air conditioner components with a towel

The last step to aircon chemical overhaul is the drying process. Dry all components and assemble all the parts back into place, check electrical connections are safe. Ensure the aircon works well.

Drying of air conditioner as a part of chemical cleaning process

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, commercial aircons that are used non-stop must be given aircon chemical overhaul four times a year. For residential ACs, aircon chemical cleaning 2 times a year is adequate.

Aircon chemical overhaul is a cleaning process that involves the disassembly of aircon parts and cleaning each one by one. After the aircon chemical cleaning, the AC parts will be lubricated and put back together.

Aircon chemical overhaul is a more intensive form of aircon chemical wash. The latter uses chemicals to clean the unit while the former first disassembles the unit, cleaning each part and putting them back together.

Alkaline concentrate is one of the most notable chemicals used for aircon chemical overhaul. It is used to deep clean every part of the AC without potentially causing corrosion to the metal parts.

General cleaning of air conditioners requires the cleaning or changing of air filters, removing twigs and leaves from the outdoor component and dusting the parts that can be reached by hands. Aircon chemical cleaning on the other hand, involves the disassembly of AC parts to thoroughly clean the whole unit.

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