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Aircon troubleshooting is evaluating the condition of the air conditioner and investigating the fault and providing repair service to fix the aircon. Older air conditioners in particular tend to have minor malfunctions or issues that require immediate repair, our team of well-trained technicians have many years of experience providing aircon troubleshooting in Singapore to fix aircons.

At Coldway Aircon Service, we fix aircon units of all kinds. Be it household models or commercial air conditioners, we can fix your aircon unit whenever you need.  Our expert aircon troubleshooting is tried and tested in times of emergencies and sudden malfunctioning.

Transport and Troubleshooting Fee / Unit $40

$40 Transport and Troubleshooting Fee will be Waived Off if repair is required. The only costs incurred are the Aircon Components and Service Charge.

Our Servicing Process


Most of us have grown accustomed to using an air conditioner at home or in the workplace due to the hot climate in Singapore all year round. For this reason, we want to avoid instances where we need to fix our aircon and leave us with humid indoor air for a day or two. We understand the necessity to have your air conditioner running like clockwork all year round. For that, we offer the best aircon troubleshoot that aims to fix your aircon in no time. Our aircon troubleshooting technicians are well trained with the various types of air conditioners whether it be residential or commercial. Contact us today!

aircon troubleshooting check up

Air Conditioner check up

The first step to our aircon troubleshooting service, we will deploy an AC technician to your location to assess your air conditioner. Our technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the air conditioner to identify the problem and provide a solution. They will also prepare a report that includes recommendations on how to fix the aircon.

Provide quote


Once our technicians find the problem, they will provide solutions and repair costs. We will give you a detailed report of the aircon troubleshooting along with the quotation. The quotation will contain a breakdown of the expenses that will be rendered to fix the aircon.

disassebly as part of aircon troubleshooting
aircon troubleshooting process
Process of installation of new airconditioner

Perform tasks and troubleshoot

Our technicians are experienced and skilled, they perform the repair tasks and give more useful advice to maintain your air conditioner. We believe that aircon troubleshooting is more than fixing the problem. It must involve a long term solution so that you will have lesser problems in the future.

After job done

After the aircon troubleshooting and repair job is completed, the air conditioner will be restarted to ensure it can resume operation and 90-day warranty period. Our service is reliable and efficient. To ensure customer satisfaction, we will not leave your location until the full aircon testing is done.

aircon repair complete