Aircon Servicing

rag wiping aircon for cleaning

Air Conditioner General Servicing is a regularly clean the aircon components, such as filter, drians pipe, clear the blockage in water pipe. Usually carried out at regular intervals of around 3 months.

Clean & check air filter, front panel & cover
Check deodorising and purifying filter
Clean & check indoor evaporator coil
Clean & check indoor drainage tray (Wall mount fancoil)
Vacuuming of drainage pan (Ceiling mount fancoil)
Vacuuming of drainage system
Brush & check outdoor condenser coil
Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary)
Check compressor suction and discharge gas pressure
Tightening of electrical contacts

1 Unit $45 - -
2 Units $60 $170 $200
3 Units $75 $205 $240
4 Units $90 $250 $300
5 Units $105 $290 $360
6 Units $120 $330 $440
7 Units $140 $380 $500
8 Units $160 $420 $560
9 Units $180 - $640
10 Units $200 - $720

$40 Transport and Troubleshooting Fee will be Waived Off if repair is required. The only costs incurred are the Aircon Components and Service Charge.

Our Servicing Process

aircon inspection for troubleshooting


Checking and cleaning air filter

Before cleaning, our technicians will turn on the air conditioner and perform a general inspection. Afterwards remove filter, there will be a lot of dust on the filter, use vacuum cleaner sucks all the grit and dust out of the filter. Rinse the filter for a deeper clean.

Cleaning blower

Use a brusher wipe off any accumulated dirt or dust. Use the slightly damp towel to remove further debris and dirt.

aircon cleaning in Singapore
aircon cleaning in Singapore
Process of installation of new airconditioner



Reinstall all the parts back into place and do a testing, ensure air conditioner working properly.

Clean and check outdoor condenser coil

Check the coils, remove debris with a brush.This includes things like grass, leaves and dust, which can hinder your air conditioner’s functionality.

Refrigerant Manifold Gauge for aircon repair singapore