Should You Replace Or Repair Your Aircon

Often, when your aircon starts malfunctioning, you might find yourself having to decide between repairing or replacing the unit entirely. Both repairs and replacement can end up being costly, making it an important decision. But determining the option that is more suited for your needs can be difficult with the various factors and points of view to assess. Coldway Aircon are the experts in aircon servicing, and we’ve put together some things you should consider before deciding your next steps.


How old is your aircon?


One of the main things to ponder over when deciding between aircon repairs or replacing your air conditioner is the age of the unit. In most cases, an aircon unit which has been regularly maintained and under 10 years old should be repaired. After which, an air conditioner will start to have its components and parts reaching the end of its lifespan, resulting in breakdowns occurring more frequently. When your aircon unit has been used for over 15 years and you find that the calls for repairs seem to be increasing, it may be time to consider a replacement.


Is the aircon well maintained?

Aircon repair Singapore Is the aircon well maintained

More often than not, issues with air conditioners develop over time due to a lack of appropriate maintenance and upkeep. If you’ve consistently been keeping your air conditioner in good working condition, repairing the unit will likely be sufficient. Otherwise, it’s possible that your aircon unit has been damaged and will require a replacement instead. Thereafter, it is recommended to focus on maintenance in the future such as cleaning the air filters and conducting regular aircon servicing to keep your aircon in excellent shape.


What are the costs involved?


Certain air conditioning repairs are simple and straightforward processes that a professional aircon technician can easily fix. But if the problem is of a larger one, the cost of repairing the air conditioning unit could amount to be more than what you had initially budgeted for. Speak with a reliable aircon servicing company like Coldway Aircon for an estimated quote to help with making the most informed decision.


Has your air conditioner been performing well?

Aircon repair Singapore Has your air conditioner been performing well

If you’ve been feeling frustrated with your aircon unit even before issues started occurring, then you might want to consider switching out the old model for something else that could address your needs better. For instance, having chosen an aircon with the wrong size and capacity for your living space prior, is a justified reason to invest more in a reliable and efficient air conditioner moving forward. However, if you find that your air conditioner has been working well before these problems began, then it’s likely that you’ll continue to be satisfied with it after some repairs have been carried out.


With most of us depending on our air conditioning units to keep us comfortably cool in Singapore’s warm climate, dealing with a malfunctioning air conditioner can be exasperating and inconvenient If you’re still unsure of what the next steps should be, we recommend calling in a professional aircon technician for an assessment and advice based on your budget and needs.


At Coldway Aircon, we are a team of experienced and reliable technicians specialising in various aircon services and installation needs. Get in touch if you’re looking at fixing your aircon today!