Why Is My Aircon Leaking?
An essential electric appliance for many living in a tropical country like Singapore,

An essential electric appliance for many living in a tropical country like Singapore, the air conditioner is often used to keep our environments comfortably cool and well ventilated for day-to-day activities. However, your air conditioner will likely develop issues over time due to reasons such as a lack of proper maintenance, constant usage, and changes in weather conditions - all of which can lead to a malfunction of the cooling appliance. 

One of the most common issues that many experience is the problem of water leaking from your air conditioner. What starts as a mild inconvenience can destroy ceilings, walls, floors, and not to mention the performance of your aircon. What’s worse - mould could develop in moisture ridden areas and pollute the air that you breathe. Coldway Aircon are the experts at delivering quality aircon servicing, and we share a few reasons why you may be dealing with a leaking air conditioner, plus the steps that can be taken to correct the issue.

Clogged air filter

Air conditioners with filters that are clogged or dirty will cause air flow to the evaporator to get obstructed, thus leading to a drop in temperature. When the coil becomes too cold, it freezes. As the frozen coil melts, the excess water leads to the drip tray overflowing. Keep a close eye on your air filter and bear in mind to change it every month or two to prevent such occurrences from happening.


Low on refrigerant

Low on refrigerant aircon repair singapore

If you notice that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your living spaces the way it should, check the refrigerant levels. Refrigerant coolants are meant to help to cool warm air for your comfort. But with insufficient gas, your aircon will no longer produce cold air, and the air might fail to condense on the evaporator coil, resulting in your aircon leaking water. You might also hear some hissing sounds which indicates a likelihood that the aircon refrigerant is leaking. 

If you suspect that the cause of your aircon leak may be due to low refrigerant levels,  contact your aircon technician for an aircon repair to prevent further damage done to your air conditioning unit.

Poor maintenance 

As is the case with any other electric appliance, your aircon unit also requires proper and timely maintenance. Ensure the unit is cleaned regularly and seek professional aircon servicing if needed. You may also check that the evaporator coil is working properly to ensure it is not in the early stages of rusting.

How to prevent leaking

How to prevent leaking aircon repair singapore

To prevent your air conditioners from leaking, it’s important to practice measures such as cleaning and dusting the condensate drain, as well as the interior and exterior coils. This is to avoid accumulation of dirt and dust, resulting in choking of the drain lines. In addition, it is also crucial to get proper care for your aircon unit by engaging professional and reputable aircon service providers to prevent potential leaks. 

A well-maintained aircon will allow your air conditioner to operate in an efficient manner that is beneficial in terms of air quality, as well as energy efficiency. We hope this article has provided some insights into preventing leakage and ensuring a longer lifespan of your air conditioner. 

Coldway Aircon specialises in services such as aircon troubleshooting and general maintenance of air conditioners in Singapore. Reach out and speak with our experienced team to find out more!